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Organic Produce Delivery

Speaking of fruits & veggies, yesterday I received a message from a friend online asking about the organic produce delivery I get. Half an hour later I received a text from my cousin asking similiar questions. I have decided to answer their questions here for everyone to benefit.

I receive weekly produce delivery from Full Cirle Farm. Here are a couple exmaples of what a Garden size delivery might look like.

Apples, oranges, pears, mango, red leaf lettuce, kale, cucumber, broccoli, purple turnips, yellow onions & roma tomatoes.
Red chard, green beans, celery, rainbow carrots, broccolette, shallots, spinach, lemons, apples, mango & 2 varieties pear.
- Can choose from 4 different delivery sizes
- Can choose weekly or biweekly delivery
- Can put deliveries on hold during vacations
- Can choose permanent examptions of produce you do not like & never want to receive
- Receive an email 5 days before delivery day with what will be coming & have 3 days edit your box
- No contract, can stop anytime
- Can change delivery schedule 9weekly vs biweekly) & delivery size at anytime
- When editing your box you have 15+ choices to substitute for what is scheduled, usually everything scheduled so you can double up if you desire & some other choices
- Green grocer section: can add additional items to your cart for a fee, all local & organic including chocolates, tofu, nut butters, herbs & a wide variety of produce

- I do not like that my delivery day is Tuesday as I typically prepare lunches for the week on Sundays (delivery day varies depending on where you live)

This is just one option for organic produce delivery in the Seattle area. I have used Terra Organics in the past. Very similiar but what I did not like is when you edit your box weekly, each substitution item has a dollar amount attached & changes the price of your delivery. Tiny's Oragnics is another I haven't had experience with. And there are more. If you are not from this area, just search for organic produce delivery or CSAs.


  1. A lot of my friends in Juneau also get deliveries from Full Circle. They really enjoy it. : )

  2. That's a great point. Full Circle also delivers in the Spokane area, Boise ID area & Alaska.