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Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes
In-Home Plant-Based Cooking Classes
by Registered Dietitian, Jenelle York


Gather 3-7 friends (plus you!) for a night of fun, learning & 3-4 course meal. Come to my home, or I can come to you. Choose from 5 themed menus: Italian, Mexican, Americana, Comfort Food & Brunch.

Italian: Caesar Salad w/homemade dressing & croutons, Tuscan Vegetable Soup, Avocado Pesto Pasta, Chocolate Mousse w/fresh pomegranate seeds
Mexican: Homemade chips w/Fresh Salsa, Zesty Tortilla Soup, Tri-Pepper Fajitas, Mango Lime Sorbet
Americana: Black Bean Burgers w/homemade Mustard, Grilled Lemon Asparagus, Crisp Onion Rings, Peanut Butter Ice Cream
Comfort Food: Wedge Salad w/homemade Ranch, Creamy Mac & Cheese, Broccoli with Cheeze Sauce, Warm Apple Cobbler
Brunch: Potato Hash, Crispy Crabby Cakes, Spinach & Mushroom Quiche, Coconut Yogurt w/berry coulis
**Menus subject to change with availability of ingredients & seasonality of produce

Cost: $26 per person in my home (Maple Valley), $30 per person in your home

What is plant based? Why plant based?
Plant based means a diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts & seeds. I have many personal reasons for choosing to follow a plant-based diet including my health, the environment & the animals. I am passionate about sharing the health benefits backed by scientific research, including reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity & many cancers. By default, a plant based diet is high in fiber, vitamins & minerals and typically low in fat with zero cholesterol. That doesn't mean it lacks flavor! I will not preach the diet during class, but will gladly answer any questions guests are curious about. I hope people will find some delicious, healthy alternatives to incorporate into their current favorite meals.

What should I expect during class?
Expect an afternoon or night of fun with your friends or family & a full meal. I will demonstrate a 3-4 course meal & provide recipes. Learn & visit while I cook, then we'll all sit down & enjoy a meal together. There are booking incentives for anyone who wants to book a future dinner party, as well as host(ess) price breaks for full parties of 8.
What if I want to attend class, but don’t have 3 friends who want to join me?
No problem! Keep an eye out on the website, Facebook page, or join the mailing list to be alerted of open invitation classes I’ll host in my home.

Why does hosting in my own home cost more?
The additional $2 per person covers the additional costs of me coming to you. Hosting in a kitchen I am unfamiliar with also requires more preparation & transportation of equipment. If you live outside Maple Valley, this also covers the cost of obtaining a city business license by most cities. We will discuss your kitchen setup beforehand & I will bring any equipment or serving items you do not have.

Can you work around food allergies?
Absolutely! I work with my patients on meal planning around food allergies regularly. Menus can be altered to accommodate allergies, including gluten free, with advanced notice.

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