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Adventures - the Chocolate Shoebox & Chaco Canyon Cafe

Monday was President’s Day which meant a day off work. While I had plenty of chores, I also wanted to have some fun. My mom & I ventured to Seattle to check out the Chocolate Shoebox on Phinney Ridge and have lunch at Chaco Canyon Organic Café in the U-District.

I didn’t think to take pictures at the Chocolate Shoebox (still new at this blogging thing). It is a shoe store with all animal-free, cruelty-free shoes. On a limited budget, I did not get any shoes but there is definitely a few pairs I have my eyes on. They also carry some accessories, T-shirts, nail polish & vegan CHOCOLATES. Fancy bars, truffles, caramels, and these…

Amazing hot chocolate cups. I got the caramel latte & cinnamon dark chocolate. Both delicious & left me wishing I’d bought more & tried the espresso flavor.

Next was lunch after driving around lost for a while. Chaco Canyon Organic Café was a cute place. You order at the counter & take a number back to your table. Food is brought out & you bus your own table. I love going to 100% vegan restaurants because I don’t have to ask a million questions about the menu. This is a place I think my non-veg friends would enjoy. They have a selection of sandwiches, soups, grain bowls, salads & do fresh juices & smoothies. The bakery fridge was out of order so their desserts were being held in the back fridge. I’m glad I couldn’t see them or I would have been much more likely to cave for the Coconut Caramel Cheesecake Cup.

I did however have a smoothie which was really more like a milkshake. The Choco-Maca smoothie was banana, raw cocoa powder, raw maca powder & house made hemp milk.

For my meal I had the Cucumber & Sea Veggie salad made with spinach, cucumber, nori & sesame seeds marinated in tamari & lemon juice.

I also had the Squash & Corn Chowder. I was surprised to learn the cup of soup comes with choice of quinoa or rice on the side. It was hard to choose a soup as all 4 specials sounded delicious, the Squash & Corn Chowder, Red Lentil, Black Bean Chili or Ocean Chowder. I got the taste the Ocean chowder as my mom ordered that; also good.

I will definitely be back to Chaco Canyon. The food was fresh & delicious & there are many more menu items I want to try. They also have a West Seattle location.

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  1. Wonderful recon work!! Thanks Jenelle! --Alison