"Let me show you healthy can taste good."

Door prize adventure

I offered to donate a door prize for my 10 year high school reunion this weekend. Now you know my age... Since I don't have a business I can provide a gift card to, I planned to put together a basket of healthy items, all plant based of course. My hope is to introduce someone to some items they may have not tried otherwise. I struggled to balance healthy items & loads of not so healthy dairy free chocolates, cookies, etc.

I went a bit overboard & my donation is now valued at $115. Oops. But I am proud of what I put together. This deluxe insulated Trader Joe's tote bag is stuffed with 30 food items. There's a few treats like organic red wine & stone ground chocolate, but many healthy ingredients & products. I included a letter with some info on how to use some of the ingredients that may be new like chia seeds, flax seeds, raw cashews, coconut oil, smoked paprika & quinoa as well as hand written recipes using these items. And lastly, the Cooking With Trader Joe's cookbook.


I am nervous whoever wins will disregard these strange food items. I hope my effort is appreciated & someone finds a new food or recipe to add to their arsenal.

What would you think if you won?

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