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Adventures - Bearded Lady Food Co, Olympia

Starting March 1st, I cut out caffeine, alcohol & sweets for a month. The alcohol will be easy as I often go a full month without. Caffeine wont be bad either as I rarely have a latte these days. I will miss my green tea for a while. I did this, partly because I'm starting training for a half marathon, but mainly because I have a sugar addiction I need to break.

The sweet are killing me! I think the smoothie I just made with cocoa & peanut butter may have broken some rules. Since I'm home sick from work today dreaming of sugar, I figured I'd make it tougher & share this post about one of my new favorite places.

I came across Bearded Lady Food Company via facebook & first ordered my birthday cake from them, a chai spice.

Next my husband & I took a trip to Olympia one Saturday night & dined in. Bearded Lady is a dessert only restaurant serving 6 or so plated desserts, a build-your-own sundae bar & bakery goods. About half the options are vegan & the rest are gluten free (some are both).

On our first trip I had peanut butter ice cream with brownie chunks, chocolate chip cookie chunks & chocolate ganache. So glad I chose a small because it was rich & amazing. My husband chose a non-vegan chocolate bread pudding & exclamed, "I'm glad you're vegan because that means you wont steal a bite of this." Think he liked it?

While Olympia is a trek from home, it is only half an hour from work. This past weekend I went again to pickup cupcakes for a volunteer dinner I was hosting Saturday & for a baby shower Sunday. To make it worth my long drive home, of course I had to have a plated dessert too.

Vegan gluten free torte of sugar cookies, chocolate sour cream sorbet, peanut butter mouse & caramelized bananas with a beautiful sugar garnish, raspberries & almonds.

Vegan gluten free torte of sugar cookies, chocolate sour cream sorbet, chocolate mouse & caramelized bananas w/beautiful sugar garnish.

Here are some shots of the bakery goods.
I took a lavendar pear & peanut butter banana cupcake to go.
And here are the mini mini chocolate Mexican spice cupcakes w/vanilla bean frosting cupcakes for the volunteer dinner. As well as the adorable peas in a pod cupcakes for the baby shower for my new twin baby cousins. These are chocolate w/peanut butter frosting & red velvet w/rosewater frosting.

What will keep me coming back, aside from the fact that there are more ice cream flavors I must try (roasted pear & chocolate chunk & chocolate cardamom to name a couple), is that the plated menu changes monthly.

And I must mention, if you visit Bearded Lady, walk one block to a cute shop Oly Vegan that sells only vegan products. The have handbags, shoes, clothing, beauty products, books, lots of snacks & more. I got a great faux leather jacket with faux fur trim for only $40, some soy creamer packets (non-dairy creamer packets are not 100% dairy free!), some dark chocolates & a list of things I want to buy next time :) I will do a full write up after my next trip because I forgot to take pictures.

Everyone enjoy some sugar for me & wish me, and everyone around me, luck for the next few weeks.

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